Hello Foodies!

Welcome to my first blog. What else would I write about except food, recipes and restaurants (and the launch of my new side venture in food where I cook homestyle meals for busy, hungry people of all ages,  from working 20 somethings to seniors, all at very reasonable prices I might add), Click here for the September Menu!

My favourite thing is to share food with friends. Trying new places to eat out, cooking a meal for a few or for many friends. 

This blog will post recipes, recommendations on restaurants and types of food I thought were worth trying out – anything food related. I will attempt to do at least once a week if not more often. I also hope you will comment on places and things food related that you have discovered – good or bad.

I have been a creative director for many years and find cooking to be one of the most creative outlets at my disposal. I rarely if ever follow a recipe word for word so I encourage you to add your own flair to anything you find on this blog. I only ask that if it works (or if it doesn’t….) you share your version and thoughts about it.

Enjoy and happy eating



5 thoughts on “Hello Foodies!

  1. This is a great Sept. menu Cindy!
    Went to a new restaurant, at least for me, at 99 Yorkville called MoRoCo. They are also a sweet shop known for their specialty chocotaes and macaroons of all flavours and colours that melt in your mouth (we had some with coffee after lunch). I had the Quinoa salad and it was lovely. Apparently they have great brunch menu for Saturdays and Sundays. Katita

  2. Mexican food lovers: Second lunch at Playa Cabana (Dupont west of Avenue) in six weeks doesn’t disappoint. Fresh and delicious guacamole fresca and still warm housemade (I believe) corn chips, tilapia tacos (fish changes daily and offered grilled or fried – we chose fried), crispy tacos of beef short ribs and an order of churros for dessert (two large, dlectable fingers in one order perfect for sharing). Everything was delicious, service friendly and efficient. We’ll go back again soon.

    Eating here for dinner still requires advance planning as they seem to get booked up days in advance, but lunches are walk-in and I’ve had no trouble getting a table for weekday lunch.

    • Many thanks Cindy (won’t be hard to remember your name) – I have been reading up on yours – I am itching to go to Patagonia and the Antarctic. It’s on my bucket list to see the northern lights from as far north as i can go.
      Your tales are wonderful as is your writing. I will be following along on your blog journeys.

      • Cindy-
        That is great! I’ll be following your blog as well. Funny, the man above stated that is was a coincidence we shared the same last name (my maiden name was Barton as is his last name). The next comment is from you, with whom we share the same first name Cindy.
        Play the eerie music! Quite a coincidence!

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