Food Network (TV)

I don’t know about anyone else but I used to love watching the Food Network and other cooking shows.  I could watch for ages and I always seemed to learn something new and different.  The chefs prepared interesting dishes (most were realistic and makable). While I wouldn’t make 99% of what Ina Garten – The Barefoot Contessa prepared, as her recipes often call for mounds of butter and cream and other such things that I really try not to eat…. She does have a passion for cooking that comes out in everything she makes. So many other chefs had great shows that inspired you to try something new or to just make something home cooked.

I know some of the chefs cooking shows are still on (where they are I don’t know but I know they are still listed on the website) but they are completely overshadowed by the weird and wacky competitive shows out there.

Nowadays all I see are competitions for the fasted, sharpest, most crazed chef to be the next food TV star. I mean who is really going to eat the food on diners-drive-ins-and-dives!  I’d be popping Zantac by the handfuls! The only competitive show to me that is worth watching is the Iron Chef as I am always amazed at what they do with one product.

Just my opinion but I wish they would lose some of the wacky and put more of the instructional back into primetime.


2 thoughts on “Food Network (TV)

  1. I absolutely share your sentiment. I’ve lost my appetite with the Food Network – I used to spend hours, essentially salivating as I got inspiration from many of the incredible chefs. Thankfully we can still seek inspiration from dining out, magazines and reading blogs like yours!

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