Villa Restaurant – Toronto Canada

I titled this blog with “Toronto Canada” because I have a number of followers all over the world which in itself amazes me – but that is a story for another blog.  This one is about our dinner out last night for my friend Suzanne’s birthday.  We went to Villa restaurant in the Bloor West Village area (Bloor and Jane).

I started out checking with everyone on how they liked their meal and photographing each course.  The easy way to put it was that the consensus was “WONDERFUL”. I have never been disappointed with a meal at this restaurant.  Our server Steve was on top of everything and you only had to look up and your water glass or wine glass was refilled.

On the bottom line side of things; The portion size was large so we shared salads and I took home half my pizza to enjoy for lunch today. The price was very middle of the road – no surprises and well worth every penny!

A nice change in eating out for me was that is wasn’t too noisy – lately I can’t hear myself talk in a restaurant as every table seems to be yelling their conversation – here it was relaxed and enjoyable and no one had to yell across the table to be heard.  We had a wonderful evening with good friends and good food – what more could you ask for? This is a definite recommend!

Here is what we ordered:

Warm mushroom salad – delicious with spinach and arugula and a nice light dressing!

Beet salad with goat cheese and arugula – lots of roasted beets and goat cheese made this a great starter

Sweet potato pizza with caramelized onions and roasted red peppers

Linguini polo pesto pasta – with tons of fresh basil served with smoky chicken and pine nuts

Rigatoni with roated pumpkin cream sauce where the flavours didn’t overpower each other. wonderful mixture of flavours.

Wild mishroom pizza – covered in mushrooms and delicious

Chowder with a crab cake in the centre. Excellent!

Spagettini primavera plain without vegetables at the diners request just with garlic and oil and parmesan which had a great clean comfort food flavour  and was delicious.


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