Jamie Oliver

Saw Jamie Oliver in conversation with not only Matt Galloway but the entire audience on Friday night at Massey Hall in Toronto.  What a completely relaxed evening of interesting (sometimes explicit) conversation and getting to know a little bit about the real Jamie.

He didn’t hold back on his ideas about eating properly especially in schools and in the home (some of the stories he told would scare you to death of what he saw and the attitudes he was up against). He was blatant about his views on the government and their participation in getting families and especially kids to eat better. At times he had the audience really pumped up with his views and conversation.

He talked about getting kids involved in cooking – his words – “Kids love to cook”!  Getting them involved at an early age helps shape their eating habits for the future. He even used an expression I saw on a healthy eating site I follow called “Bite out of Life Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching put out by Trish Krause – “Food is medicine” – this was in reference to getting back to some basics of how good food can keep you healthy. He confessed to reading old Victorian and other period cookbooks for some inspiration rather than the very new and fusion style books that are out now.

I think if I could have a wish filled that night it would be to go out to a good pub with him after the show and just keep the conversation going over some really good pub food and a cold beer. He is quite a fascinating person with so many stories to tell.

The bonus for the evening was we all got a copy of his new cookbook “Jamie Oliver’s Great Britain” which I plan to sit down with today as my favourite thing to do on a lazy Sunday is put my feet up and read cookbooks!

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