Sang Ho restaurant – Chinatown – Toronto Canada

My cousin Tamara was in from Kingston for a few days and so we thought we would try out a new chinese restaurant as we love Asian food.  After checking out the web for suggestions we settled on a place called Sang Ho on Dundas (#536). It was empty when we got there but did fill up somewhat before we left. The restaurant is very clean and they are kind and offer you a bowl of their house soup to start (not really my taste 0 again very bland) but a very nice gesture on their part.

Here was the error I made – both my cousin and I love spicy food which is more along the style of Szechuan and Hunan.  Cantonese is a much milder style of cooking.  The food while huge in quantity was bland for our liking.  It wasn’t that it tasted bad – on the contrary, it was fine – just not outstanding and not spicy enough for us.

We ordered the following dishes and brought home tons of leftovers as I mentioned – portion size is very large.

Stuffed bean curd, pepper and eggplant – this is like a bunch of dim sum dishes of each of these items covered in black bean sauce.

Sliced beef with ginger and onions – served in a hot pot

Shrimp with cashews – very standard fare although prepared nicely.

All in all we were kind of disappointed as we really wanted something more flavourful.  Live and learn though – that’s what I say.  Tuesday night is Japanese at ASA which I have blogged about before.  There I know I will get just what I am craving.


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