Halloween Candy days

Now I know that not everyone that reads my blog celebrates halloween – I don’t have kids so it’s a no go for me. I also know that in many countries Halloween doesn’t even exist so I am directing this blog to North Americans of all ages.  While I try to keep this blog about healthy eating ideas and recipes and interesting restaurants – sometimes one has to veer away from the good and just be a bit bad.

Lucky for me there is a Lindt Chocolate Outlet not too far away (On the Queensway near East Mall in Toronto/Etobicoke).  I stopped in today with my cousin to show her and just had to pick up a few nibblies to put out when company comes over.

You have to admit these are kind of cute.  A doctor once told me that if you are going eat chocolate – don’t buy a bar at the corner store – eat one piece of good chocolate to satisfy the craving. These sure do fit the bill.

Happy Halloween all!

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