Shrimp Saganaki (revised)

A number of you read the post from my cousin in Greece on the Shrimp Saganaki

Well I made it for myself and a friend this evening and we did a few revisions to the recipe.  Here is what we changed and I have to say – in the words of my friend Cynthia “it was wonderful”.


Basically I did the same recipe but added red and orange peppers, I also sautéed some garlic in with the onions to start and then because both Cynthia and I love legumes – I added a small can of chick peas and a tsp of dried oregano as well.  I also sprinkled some feta over top when I served it (I didn’t have any parsley on hand…) and we both practically licked the bowls clean.  This dish was so easy but so delicious I would serve it to guests in an instant (they would think you slaved over a hot stove for ages it is so good).

While my photos may not do it justice – believe me when I say this was a delicious meal – ready in about 20 minutes to half an hour start to finish.

2 thoughts on “Shrimp Saganaki (revised)

  1. I couldn’t believe how fast it came together and how good it tasted! Try it and let me know what you think and if you add something different. A friend just made it and put pesto in as well as said it tasted delicious!

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