Pickerel with Fig and Pomegranate Salad

Had dinner at my friends Ted and Judy’s last night.  Now I have to start out saying that 25 years ago these two are the people that introduced me to the love of cooking and how creative you can be in the kitchen.  I always felt they could open a restaurant but their thought is they would love to open a restaurant but only for their friends.  That would work for me!!!  There is a real joy in cooking for friends and I know my passion for doing this stems from these two wonderful people.

Here is dinner last night – beautiful fresh pickerel with puy lentils and crisp shitake mushrooms along side a salad of baby arugula and baby snow pea leaves topped with shaved fennel, pomegranate seeds, fresh figs, shaved parmesan and a light oil and vinegar dressing sprinkled over top.

The pickerel was lightly dipped in an egg batter and then tossed with taco crumbs (yes you read that correctly) They came in a container like bread crumbs and that was all there was so we used them.  What a treat! Light tasting with a very light crunch and a hint of corn flavouring. So so good.

The shitake mushrooms were crisped up in a frying pan till they were almost like a chip (very little oil so they weren’t oily at all)

The puy lentils were done with a wild rice and just had the right amount of nutty flavour to add to the meal.

All I can say is “When can I come back for the next meal?”


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