The Works Burger Bistro – Toronto ON Canada

Had dinner the other night at the new Burger place that opened nearby.  There are several of them around the city.  It’s called The Works Burger Bistro.  I have to say – I was not impressed.  While they are doing a booming business with families, I found it very mediocre and in some cases just not great. My utter disappointment since I rarely go out for a hamburger and fries.

I ordered the “Jack Layton” Burger which was a burger with wild mushrooms and brie cheese.  Now I would have made this with the cheese on the top of the burger and then the mushrooms on top of the cheese so they stuck to the burger – Nope – served with the mushrooms first then a little piece of brie in the middle. Mushrooms fell all over the tray instead of staying on the burger. Now to be fair I did order the burger without a bun as I was having the side of sweet potato fries with it, so perhaps the mushrooms may have held on a little longer with a bun holding them down.

The person I was with had the Elk Burger – interesting… she said it tasted fine but her side order of poutine was covered in a bit of lumpy cheese and a watery gravy. Some of the fries were also undercooked.  We asked what kind of gravy it was as usually poutine has a rich thick gravy on it and were told “Isn’t it great? It’s mushroom gravy! That way vegetarians can eat it too!”  Now my guest would have liked a choice since the mushroom gravy was a bit like beige lukewarm water.  Personally I would have wanted a thick rich tasting gravy.

When ordering, I was told my burger would be pink inside unless I ordered it well done.  I ordered it well done.  Low and behold – it was pink inside!  My fries were not hot and in the middle of our meal a waitress came by and took the mustard off our table without asking if we were done with it!  I was not, so I had to find a waitress and ask for the mustard back.

Now imagine my surprise when the bill came and it cost about $40!!!! The only addition to the order was $3 more for the poutine and a diet coke.  I think that is a lot to pay for a thin undercooked burger with lukewarm fries and very mediocre poutine with another burger.  When did hamburgers start costing $15?  I can see it in a higher end restaurant – I have actually paid $15 for a burger at Globe Restaurant on the Danforth and it was by far the best burger I have ever had and so big I took half home for supper that night.

It seems I am not the only person to think that “the Works” is very middle of the road.  Several people I talked to said “been there, done that” and would not go back.  Add me to the list of not headed back.


6 thoughts on “The Works Burger Bistro – Toronto ON Canada

  1. We used to go there in Ottawa before they franchised – it was good, but I guess the expansion has watered down the gravy, so to speak! Too bad…(but you know where to go for good poutine…)

  2. that sounds soo much like my experience at the Parliament Pub in ottawa.. I was fascinated by the menu items with politician names,, but the food was SIGH!…but your $40 for a burger!!!

  3. Hello would you mind letting me know which web host you’re using? I’ve loaded your blog in 3 different browsers and I must say this blog loads a lot quicker then most.
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    • This blog is handled through WordPress and is free. Doesn’t get much fairer iin price than that. I also keep my photos fairly small so it doesn’t take up a lot of memory. Hope that helps. I use Safari as my browser but that is because I am on a mac and it works well on a mac.

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