Globe Bistro – Toronto

I had our year end lunch with my good friend Peter (who is also my business associate) the other day and as some of you remember from my post on “the Works Burger Bistro” I talked about the best burger I ever had was at Globe Bistro on the Danforth (near Broadview) in Toronto. Well, we went back there and I was not disappointed….

Globe bistro image

Now that is a burger!!!  Made with Rib Eye Steak (which I have to say you really can taste the difference!). topped with a touch of cheese and sweet onions, this is a burger that can be proud to be called “the best”. It is huge and comes with hand cut yukon potato fries.

It’s funny – I so rarely have a burger (and I take the bun off when I do) but here I was having 2 in the span of a month.  No comparison though.  Again I was so full I didn’t eat dinner that night.

Our service was excellent, the atmosphere was nice and again – that is a burger worth waiting for.  Even the ketchup had a smokiness to it that you knew was homemade (or at least definitely not Heinz).

I highly recommend this restaurant for anyone looking for good food in a great spot.  I do have to say however that it is not cheap.  The price has gone up since last year and is now $18 but I consider it like ordering a steak in a restaurant and it is a once a year splurge. Well worth every penny.


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