Small Pet Peeve

Just had a lovely lunch at a restaurant called Pizza Libretto on the Danforth.  Took my friend Peter for his birthday.  Wonderful meal – so good I completely forgot to take pictures even though my phone was sitting on the table ready to shoot! They make a Neapolitan style pizza that is so thin you can almost see through it.  Delicious!

Here is my small pet peeve – when a waiter sees you in the middle of a conversation – that is not the time to come and ask questions on how the meal is? or can I take your order? or do you need anything else? or are you finished? or do you need change? or do you want dessert? or have you decided on dessert?

I think a good waiter  (which I have had before) watches till a break in the conversation and then approaches.  I don’t expect them to do this every time as they have other tables to wait on but for small incidental questions…wait till we are not in the middle of a discussion as it completely breaks the train of thought which is not always easy to pick up again.

My advice to wait staff…You will get a bigger tip if you are a bit thoughtful of the diners.  Just keep an eye out over your tables and approach the tables where conversation is not heated first then move to other tables.  It’s okay to interrupt on occasion but not every time (or in our case – 4 times during a meal).

I still highly recommend this restaurant as the food was wonderful!


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