This comes from one of my favourite blogs. It looks just like a chocolate milkshake. Take a look!

The Healthy Flavor

I shared recently on Facebook that I would be incorporating a couple of raw days a week. If you’re unfamiliar to what this means, it is simply eating fresh whole foods in their pure form, no cooking involved. I promised that I would share this particular smoothie. It has been one of my many smoothies. IT IS DELICIOUS!

Mint Berry Smoothie

Just want to dive right in don’t ya?

Mint Chocolate Berry Delight

This one is chocolatey, slightly fruity and refreshing. The mint is the perfect finish and is what keeps it tasting light, and not too heavy. It is the perfect breakfast and start to your day. Pretty gorgeous to look at too.

strawberry chocolate smoothie1

Serves: 1 (Double if making for more than 1 person)


1 heaping cup frozen strawberries (5.5 oz)

1 cup lowfat unsweetened coconut milk (I’m sure almond milk would work too, if you don’t mind a slightly nutty taste)

2 tablespoons organic raw chocolate…

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  1. Well I may brighten your day but every time I reblog something from your site I get a bunch of views – I think everyone thinks the same thing I do – It’s an amazing site! That certainly brightens my day 😉

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