Dinner at AquaTerra Restaubistro in Kingston Ontario

I should say the name of this restaurant properly “AquaTerra by Clark Restaubistro”. I say this because Clark Day (the owner) really does make the restaurant.  The address is 1 Johnson Street, Kingston Ontario 613-549-6243 or go online to www.aquaterrabyclark.com.

I spent the last few days in Kingston Ontario visiting my cousins at their new house (wonderful place) and celebrating my birthday.  They took me out for dinner to the above mentioned restaurant where we had a truly wonderful meal for a very reasonable price I might add.

Tim and I ordered from the Prix Fixe menu which was $30 and included the following:

A Clark Day original – Amuse Bouche (a single, bite-sized hors d’œuvre) which is a signature element of his – this time we had a grilled cheese bite with a smokey ketchup.  Delightful!

amuse bouche

Next we had our starter – a baby frisée salad with puy lentils, goat cheese infused with maple syrup, toasted parsnip slices and squash.  Oh my is all I can say – the frisée was like butter  – I am normally not a big fan of frisée lettuce, I find it bitter and the sharp fronds bother me but this was so so tender it almost melted in your mouth. The goat cheese with the maple as delicious.


Next up was our main course – I had the Chicken Coq au Vin served over a mushroom jus and a whipped polenta that tasted like mashed potatoes with a light cheese added.  Chicken was perfectly cooked and all tasted wonderful.  My only small issue here, and it is because I don’t cook with much salt if any, is that I thought the jus was a bit salty.

chicken coqo van

To finish off a wonderful meal we had a dessert called “Triple Tower”.  Just as the name suggests it was very decadent but don’t think we didn’t dig into it.  The bottom “threat” was a chocolate brownie with white chocolate chips, the middle “threat”, a dark chocolate mousse, and the upper “threat”, a white chocolate mousse with a drizzling of raspberry.


Great company, a glass of Cava and wonderful food – what a great way to spend an evening!  I highly recommend this restaurant.  Clark Day knows what he is doing.  And he is a great conversationalist too!  He joined us several times during the meal with great anecdotes of his restaurant career.  Great night all around!

Check out tomorrows blog for lunch the next day in Kingston!

4 thoughts on “Dinner at AquaTerra Restaubistro in Kingston Ontario

  1. belated happy birthday! I loved Aquaterra when I visited Kingston last fall. I’d go there in a heartbeat when I next travel there. It was such a wonderful surprise to get delicious veg food in kingston.. and all my food experiences there were spectacular!!

  2. Cheers! Now according to Clark Day they are going to be doing a complete renovation of the restaurant so it will be running I think he said as more of a buffet upstairs while the reno is underway. I am hard pressed to find another restaurant that serves such good food for such a reasonable price.

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