Lunch at The Chef’s House

I bought a coupon on-line for lunch for two at the restaurant associated with George Brown College of culinary programs.  It’s called The Chef’s House and is presented, prepared and performed by students in the program.  We had a 3 course fixed price lunch that was only $25.  The food was absolutely wonderful and the service excellent.  Remember these students are aiming to please.  Here is what we had for lunch:


Cookstown beets, celeriac and pear salad with a goat cheese dressing.



Main course

Baked maple glazed trout with a warm lentil salad topped with a mustard dressing.  So so good…..




Espresso cardamom ice cream with warm chocolate beignets (small donuts I think).  Delicious! Ice cream was a bit melted but was really good.


I highly recommend this venue for a delicious, sophisticated (yet not snobby) elegant dining experience.  Kudos to the students at George Brown!









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