Cousins in Christchurch

My cousin Rebecca and her husband Wally are spending the winter in Australia and New Zealand (along with a few other countries along the way doing some touring, housesitting gigs and generally having a great time….Yes we are rather jealous). She sent some images of lunch/dinners they had while in Christchurch.  I wish I could be there as everything looks amazing and the food is so so fresh.  Here is what she had to say about where they were and what they were eating…


Lunch by the water eating fresh fish

R&W lunch

blue cod, house smoked bacon and cockles for Wally

Blue moki fish

moki with house smoked mussels for me

Here is what Rebecca had to say about the food and local…

Blue Moki is caught mainly in southern waters. These fillets were pan-fried and topped with anchovy butter and smoked mussels.Very tasty-slightly oily white fleshed fish.
Blue Cod (are they all blue here??!) is milder in flavour, hence the bacon (home smoked, with a lemon butter sauce)….so, Fleurs restaurant is in Moeraki, a tiny fishing village once a whaling port. The fleet are all day fishers, meaning they come in with fresh catch daily-so those two fish were super fresh. We watched the boats anchored while we ate.
Fleur uses only local sourced ingredients, so the cockles were on the beach (they’re like little clams) and the mussels were also house smoked and from the beach. The garnishes were from the garden that surrounds the restaurant. The Sauvignon Blanc was South Island and delish.
Fleur is a celebrity – Rick Stein ate there and loved it. She has two books out…she greeted us at the door-all wild white hair and giant green stone (jade from here) pendant around her neck. The restaurant is super funky and in a gorgeous spot when the sun is shining as you can see it was that day. And the food was superb! I’m sure there is a website.
Before lunch we walked along the cliff path and when we looked down there was a seal family lolling around on the rocks on the beach. The baby seal was as cute as you can imagine. Of course, I didn’t have the camera then!

The seafood is really tremendous here and in Aus. Nowhere else have I seen such a selection of different types of creatures. Last night we cooked Brill-super yummy-never had it before.Wally has had it in the UK but says it is hard to find.

So……anyone else jealous?


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