Favourite Cookbooks

I recently saw this type of post on the blog “a pug in the kitchen” and thought what a great idea to share your favourite cookbooks!

I am therefore showing a few of my favourites – It’s not easy as one of my favourite things to do on a Sunday is sit and read though cookbooks for ideas.  I chose these as they are kind of my “go to” books for things I make a bit more regularly. I have had most of them for years.  I do however have a cupboard full of cookbooks that are wonderful to read and quite inspirational.

Let me know what your favourite cookbooks are!

(These are in no particular order)

slow cooking book

Silver Palate

Bonnie Stern book

year of the best

All time go to cookbook…….

Joy of cooking


4 thoughts on “Favourite Cookbooks

    • Cheers! I think simple and basic is the best – then you can get creative if you like, knowing the basics though is always a good place to start. Thanks for sharing!

  1. One of my faves is Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. Awesome quick meals, soup recipes, and chef tips. A fantastic cook book for beginners, or experienced kitchen hands.

    • Great book – I got it when I went to see him speak at Massey Hall here in Toronto. It was a give away and is a great book! I love Jamies style of cooking and adored when he first started on TV and used to created salads by hand ripping pieces of wonderful ingredients onto a platter and before you knew it – there was a gorgeous salad plate!

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