Summer BBQ with Friends

Had dinner the other night at my favourite spot to eat – my friends Ted and Judy’s house.  Some of you may remember a few blogs I have posted of extraordinary meals I am lucky enough to partake in when I eat at their place.  It is always a gourmet feast. The other night was no exception!

Menu: sirloin beef kabobs, vegetable kabobs, grilled asparagus and a seared/baked potato dish – all tasting amazing.  We had a watermelon salad that I made to go with the meal but will blog that next week. I am including images of each food item with a short description of how they were made.  Not overly fancy  and complicated in prep but a visual feast – just a good use of ingredients that made the meal.

Veg kabobs 1

Vegetable kabobs – marinated in the same sauce as the beef – teriyaki sauce, sesame oil and orange juice.

Beef kabobs 1

Cooked to perfection! Same sauce as the vegetables

asparagus grilled

Grilled with a bit of olive oil and then finished after cooking with a touch of really nice balsamic vinegar.

potato dish

Potatoes – These were melt in your mouth delicious!.  Potatoes were cut into 1 inch rounds, placed in a non stick pan with some olive oil till it completely filled the base.  A small amount of chicken broth was added to the pan so the potatoes fry and steam at the same time. Half way though, garlic cloves still in their skin where added and pushed in between slices until the bottom was cooked and browned.  Then the whole dish was flipped (using a second plate to turn over potatoes keeping them all together). The plate was put in the oven to finish cooking.  Half way though the garlic was soft and taken out and put in a bowl with some olive oil and mashed till pulpy.  Then this slurry was brushed over the potatoes while in the oven to give flavour and help them brown even more.  Sounds like  fair bit of work but it is so worth it!

Outstanding meal once again – for some reason both Ted and Judy didn’t take me seriously when I mentioned renting out my house and coming to live with them – I promised I would only come upstairs for meals 😉

Check out my next blog for the watermelon salad.


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