My favourite food movies

I have always loved films about food or with a food theme. They seem to tell a story about life through the cooking and preparing food. Thought I would list my favourites (in no particular order). I know I am missing some good films so send me a comment on your favourites. I am including films that a friend that works in video told me about so if I haven’t seen it, it comes under the second section of film suggested but not seen yet…..

1) Big Night –

2) Chocolat –

3) Toast (just saw this – great film) –

4) Babettes Feast  –

5) Mostly Martha –

6) Tampopo (Japanese spagetti western) –

7) Julie & Julia –

8) The Scent of Green Papaya –

9) Fried Green Tomatoes –

10) Like Water for Chocolate – Mexican film based on a book –

11) My Dinner with Andre –

12) Sideways – wine comedy –

13) Eat Drink Man Woman –

Movies that were suggested to me but I haven’t seen yet
 1) Jiro Dreams of Sushi – documentary on an old sushi pro –

2) Tortilla Soup –

3) Chef – coming in 2014 –

4) Secret of the Grain – La graine et le mulet” (original title) –

5) Soul Kitchen –


11 thoughts on “My favourite food movies

  1. Hi Cindy, I saw Secret of the Grain and loved it. I never realized how many movies I watched that were food based. I saw every one of your ‘viewed’ list. Yummy.

    • It’s funny isn’t it – I started the list and realized how many films I had seen that had some sort of food theme to them. I will rent Secret of the Grain from my new favourite movie source – The Library!

  2. Thanks a lot for visiting my blog and for liking some of my posts. I find your blog amazing and I am following you now. I shall watch these movies. 🙂

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