Brisket in BBQ sauce – Slow Cooked

After a big storm here a couple of weeks ago we had a power outage for two and a half days!  While the things in the freezer stayed pretty well frozen I had a brisket in there that started to get a bit of freezer burn so I decided to cook it. As you may know, a brisket is quite a bit of meat so I figured I needed help eating it.  I invited my friends/neighbours over for dinner to help out (including sending them home with a care package). I was still left with half a brisket that was very very tasty.  The next morning I got a call that a cousin in law passed away and I went over that night to be with my cousin and family and brought the rest of the brisket for everyone to have for dinner – nothing was wasted and it was perfect comfort food.

Below is the recipe I used for this brisket – please note that I pretty much make it up as I go so every time I make it, it is a bit different. This was a BBQ style brisket cooked in a slow cooker.



1 brisket (whatever size you want)

1 tin of finely diced tomatoes

2 tbsp of harissa spice mix (if you don’t have this then just add a pinch of cumin, cardamom, mustard powder, black pepper and a bit of cayenne (really you can’t go wrong so mix spices as you like)

1/2 cup of your favourite BBQ sauce

1/2 cup of sweet chilli sauce

1/4 cup of water or beef broth

1/4 cup of brown sugar

2 tbsp of steak spice

1-2 large onions sliced thinly

1 tbsp chopped garlic


Trim excess fat off brisket leaving a thin layer. Mix all dry spices and rub into meat and let sit in the fridge for at least 2 hours up to overnight (I leave it overnight).

Brown onion (thinly sliced) and add garlic when onions are almost done.  Pour into a slow cooker. Add half the wet ingredients (sauces and tomato) to the onion mix at bottom of pot.

Sear meat on both sides in a large pan browning the outsides a bit.

Put meat on top of sauce and onion mixture and pour the rest of the sauce over top.

Cover slow cooker and turn to “low” heat and cook for 7 hours.

After 7 hours in the slow cooker – turn meat over and leave on warm for an hour or two.

When ready to serve, slice meat against the grain and pour sauce from pot over top.  If the sauce has too much fat on top skim it off with a spoon before serving.

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