Smashed Potatoes with Leeks and Cheddar

Okay so I was a bit bored the other day (especially with what was in my fridge…). I had a few baby red boiled potatoes left over from a food order, a small piece of old cheddar and my lovely neighbour dropped off a huge beautiful leek at my door the other day (don’t ask…).

I remembered my friend Ted’s potato dish from Dinner with Ted and Judy and thought I would try to make something similar.  Well it is not at all the same  but this is very yummy.  First I sautéed the chopped leeks (1 leek white part only), then added two giant cloves of garlic minced (just because I love garlic!).  I then put the cold potatoes (7 small red potatoes) into the pan and “smashed” them with my potato masher. I realized I may not have enough potato so I started to mix the ingredients in the pan a bit and then decided I needed something to bind somewhat so out came my trusty egg whites to the rescue!  I just poured about 1/4 cup over the mixture and then kind of stirred it up a bit so the egg worked it’s way through the mixture.  I grated the tiny bit of cheese I had left over the top and mixed it as best I could. Then I pressed it down into the small frying pan and seared it till one side was browned.

Using a small plate I covered the fry pan and flipped the potato mixture onto the plate and then slid it back into the fry pan to brown the other side (it did break apart a bit but it’s called “smashed” potato mix so who cares if it is a bit messy. Once back in the pan I smoothed out the edged pressing it down again into the pan.  The finished product was delicious!

smashed potato and leek

smashed potato and leek2


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