The Best Coffee….

Last Saturday I took a “Web Development on WordPress for beginners” course taught by Avery Swartz at her company “CampTech“. Of course I got there early (very type A) so I stopped in at the Dark Horse coffee house right next door.  As I went up to order I realized sitting by the window, were two old friends that I hadn’t seen in years who were taking the course too (very small world). I ordered my drink sat down with them and got caught up.

Now you should know that I make myself a double espresso cappuccino every morning (with a separate small bowl of lactose free skim milk all frothed up for my cat who is addicted to it). This first cup is delicious and gets me through the day usually without any more caffeine. Knowing I was going into a class to learn technical information I decided I may need a second cup and thought I would treat myself to what I think is called a mochachino(?).  It had chocolate on the bottom and then a fabulous cappuccino on top and was so so good I could of had three! It was one of the best coffees I have had in ages.


You will be happy to know I only had the one and thoroughly enjoyed every last drop!

As for the course – I highly recommend it! Avery talks in lay person terms  making it easy to understand with step by step instructions. She is a great presenter. You also get a take away deck of instructions so when you are working at this on your own you always have a referral document to answer any questions.

PS – They serve a great lunch too!


9 thoughts on “The Best Coffee….

  1. I am jealous. This picture makes my mouth desperate for a coffee fix. Glad the course was so useful. Don’t you love it when you have a great day, great coffee, great food, encounter great friends unexpectedly, and you learn new stuff?

  2. Cappuccino is very nice specially in the morning with a nice croissant,to make that art on the top is not easy,but is so nice to hear that you have so great cappuccino:)

    • You are so right – I have had terrible so called “cappuccinos”. This is a must try place though – really really good – and a great place to hang out and come in from the cold 😉

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