Korean Restaurant In Toronto – Bi Bim Bap

Had lunch the other day with my friend Sheryl. We wanted to find a restaurant somewhere between where each of us lives that we both like.  Toronto has no shortage of restaurants but I had a craving for Korean Bi Bim Bap.  That is actually what the restaurant is called.  They make an amazing dish served in a very hot stone bowl with brown rice on the bottom, vegetables in the middle and mine had  beef with a sunny side egg on top!

This is like getting your whole meal in one bowl (I love that kind of eating – similar to Vietnamese “bun” or “pho”). So So good, very filling and you get to pick the sauce you want depending on how spicy you like it and what main flavour you like. They also have vegetarian versions with tofu or just vegetables so all palates are welcome.

I recommend this restaurant for lunch – hearty, flavourful and reasonably priced. ($12.99 for the meal plus .99 for the egg on top). I was not hungry at all by dinner time.


The Restaurant is called Bi Bim Bap and is located at 950 Eglinton Avenue West – just west of Bathurst.  Small place but great for lunch!


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