Dinner at Embrujo Flamenco (Toronto)

The other night my dear friend and business partner Peter took me out for dinner.  We managed to get a coupon from Groupon for a Spanish style tapas restaurant called Embrujo Flamenco located at 97 Danforth Ave in Toronto.  All I can say is “wow what a great meal!”  It was a Thursday night so no Flamingo dancing show but the attentive staff and wonderful food certainly made up for that. With the coupon we got 6 tapas (although one or two of the tapas offered counted as two orders), and a small glass of Cava to start.

Here is what we ordered – keeping in mind Peter doesn’t eat anything that swims ( 😉 ) we had a salad to start, then a couple of meat dishes, a side dish and a dessert style dish to finish.  We just smiled when they offered dessert as we were both completely full when we finished. We went for a walk after and stopped for a coffee. All in – it was a great evening.

1) Mixed green salad with pear and walnuts (sprinkled with pomegranate seeds and a balsamic glaze). This was delicious!



2) Rack of lamb with a fresh fig sauce – this order counted as two – we got 4 nice size chops and the flavour was wonderful!  Cooked to perfection!



3) Sirloin chunks on a bed of home cut fries topped with a light mustard sauce – This was like a spanish poutine but even better. The sauce was light and creamy and didn’t over power the other items.  Perfectly cooked steak.



4) Sautéed mushrooms in an extra virgin garlic olive oil and chilli.  Nice addition to the meat dishes



5) Baked goat cheese with honey and herbs – we used this as dessert since it had a lovely sweetness to it.  I could have licked the dish clean. Made me think of a salad dish I could make with a green salad, roasted nuts, a balsamic dressing and a slice of baked or sautéed goat cheese on top.  Must try that – I’ll blog about that salad when I make it.



I woke up thinking about how good this meal was the next morning!  It’s a definite recommendation!





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