Spice Blends from The New York Times

My friend Peter shares a love of cooking and he is always sending me interesting links about food and food blogs.  This time he sent me something that I had to share.  It is a series of instructions on how to make your own spice blends. These come from the New York Times (including the photograph).


I have one or two blends that I make for using on a variety of foods – my favourites being a blend of cumin, cardamom, cinnamon, chilli pepper and several other spices like mustard powder and a bit of sea salt.  The beauty of spice blends is that you can make them whatever you like.  I love Middle Eastern flavours so I tend to cook using many of those spices. Others prefer more of a BBQ flavour so they mix that style together.  Find a blend you like and experiment with it.  My only recommendation is that you don’t go overboard with one spice even if it is your favourite – it could wind up overpowering the flavour of the food.  Aim for a balance of flavours and you will be surprised at how much it adds to your cooking.




4 thoughts on “Spice Blends from The New York Times

  1. Yummy blends. I make them as gifts. Blends can often be added to yogurt or sour cream for a wonderful dip. Easy and quick.

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