Black Bean Flautas

Came across this on Pinterest as a meatless dish.  Looks so nice and I thought what kid (or adult for that matter) would not love this for lunch or dinner one day. It looks so summery and I am getting into summer mode with some lighter dishes these days.  Check out this link to for the recipe.







2 thoughts on “Black Bean Flautas

  1. Oh that does look fabulous! I love flautas and of course, beans! I love beans because they are so healthy and filling. Looks like a great recipe!
    P.S. I have a new email marketing system, and I don’t want you to miss my posts, I see where you subscribed on my new form but it still shows “confirmation pending”. There should have been a separate email sent to you asking you to confirm your subscription 🙂

    • Hey Brandi – I did confirm. Strange – I will go back on the site and resubscribe. Thanks for letting me know – can’t be missing any of your blog posts 😉

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