Pasta Dinner (with Presidents Choice Pasta)

I don’t normally eat much pasta but Presidents Choice (brand name in Loblaws grocery stores in Ontario) black label pasta has put out a commercial using their mushroom stuffed pasta that is mouthwatering.  I happened to be in Loblaws and saw some of this black label pasta and as I was reaching for a package of it to read the label a woman stepped up and loaded every one of the mushroom stuffed pasta into her cart!.  She left the pumpkin stuffed pasta and a cheese version on the shelf along with the style I bought which was stuffed with asparagus.



I felt rather creative that night so here is what I did with the pasta…

Using a roasted garlic flavoured olive oil (which I mixed with a bit of lemon flavoured olive oil), I sautéed some finely slivered peppers with some pine nuts till golden brown. I then added a tablespoon of butter to make some brown butter. While the peppers and nuts were sautéing I boiled the water and cooked the pasta (only needs about 4 minutes). Once the nuts and peppers were done and the butter melted I tossed the pasta into the pan and mixed it all together.



I then divided the pasta into two dishes (one for me and one for my friend Richard – because you can’t just eat this good a meal by yourself ;-). I had crisped some prosciutto in the microwave which I then crumbled over top of the pasta and peppers and then grated some fresh parmesan cheese over top.

Felt like we also needed some greens with dinner so using a Kale Salad mix I buy at Costco which is made up of kale, broccoli, brussels sprouts and radicchio I added some crumbled feta cheese, chopped mango and tomatoes.



All I can say is… Whoa! that was a yummy meal. All ready in less than half an hour.







6 thoughts on “Pasta Dinner (with Presidents Choice Pasta)

    • That’s funny -they are such a big store in Canada. I believe they are the #1 grocery chain in Ontario. Thanks for viewing – the dinner was so easy and tasted so good and was ready so fast – it was a no brainer 😉

      • I love those types of dinners! I am from the Buffalo New York area. I am not sure what happened to Loblaws but I do remember them as a child. Maybe Tops happened to them. 🙂 We have had so many supermarkets and retail stores come and go over the years.

      • So true – the big ones gobble up the small ones.
        I’m with you – I love a great dinner that looks like it took a lot of time and effort but really was completely quick and simple 😉

  1. Ok, my mouth is watering, for real! I LOVE pine nuts and pasta and garlic and peppers! Oh my goodness, I’m inspired to whip up a dish with those ingredients. YUM. 🙂

    • Go for it Brandi! It looked so good in the pan I thought “it can’t be this easy”. I’m a pine nut girl too – my friend Suzanne introduced me to pine nuts in pasta and ever since……

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