Party Time!

I am invited to a big party this weekend and the hosts asked if I wanted to make the food for the party as well (given I do a side food business).  I have been wanting to try a couple of things out so I agreed.  I will do several posts over the next few weeks with some of the dishes prepared.  Here is the first post of two dishes – very yummy – The dates are a little messy looking but well worth diving into. The first platter are Medjool dates with maple goat cheese.  The second is a salad platter that can be served with a fork and is easily eaten.


Madjool dates with maple goat cheese





Ingredients (for what is shown in the picture):

40 Medjool dates (these are the very large plump dates)

225 grams of goat cheese plain

¼ cup of maple syrup


Mix the goat cheese and maple syrup. I used a fork to just mix it all up.

Slice each date down the long side and take out the pit.

Fill each date with about 1 teaspoon of goat cheese mixture (maybe less depending on the size of the date)

That is it! – told you it was easy and boy do they taste good.


The second dish was just cucumbers and sliced tomatoes with some pearl sized bocconcini cheese balls sprinkled over top.  Simple but pretty to look at.



12 thoughts on “Party Time!

    • Thanks Suzanne but if anything I would get you to cater for me! Try the dates though – super fast to make and really good as an after dinner treat.

  1. Wow, CIndy, that cucumbuer tomato platter is beautiful!! I love how easy and simple and healthy both of the dishes are!! Nobody wants to spend forever in the kitchen prepping for parties and these are perfect. Dates really are so versatile too. I have seen them wrapped with nuts inside before too, which was really cool.

    • You are so right – And I thought about putting nuts in the dates too but didn’t have any on hand and decided this was enough – if I did it again I would put a walnut or something in it too.

  2. Cindy, is the texture of the goat cheese with maple syrup thin enough to pipe through a pastry bag vs spooning the mixture into the dates?
    Both dishes look great!

    • Hmmm. good question – I think if you used a large enough nozzle it would work. alternatively you could whip the goat cheese so that it was thinner which would likely pipe well. If you try it please let me know how it turns out. They would surely look neater for sure.

    • It was a great party and everything worked out perfectly with the food. I was so pleased. Recipes to follow include: shrimp and chorizo on skewers, Korean beef BBQ on skewers (these were the major hit of the whole food table), honey mustard chicken on skewers, salad bits on skewers, turkey meatballs in a sweet chilli sauce, grilled asparagus wrapped in proscuitto, tuna and sweet potato mini cakes dipped in sour cream and fruit skewers – you get the idea – everything was finger food but not messy.

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