Chai Honey Pecan Ice Cream

Chai Honey Pecan Ice Cream – I love this blog – Suzanne makes some awesome foods – check it out!



The good people at Calmer Sutra Tea were kind enough to send me a jar of their Hiranya Chai Spiced Honey after seeing my post on granola that was made with their delicious ginger infused honey. I have become a big fan of the company and I have Mary Frances from Mary’s Secret Ingredient to thank for that. She sent the jar of honey in my box of goodies along with their tea. It was love at first bite for me and now I am hooked on their delicious products. They did not ask me to create a recipe but how could I not after tasting this amazing honey. It’s summer in the US (finally) and my thoughts turn to ice cream. I also think this would be delicious made with coconut milk also for my vegan and lactose intolerant friends.

The ice cream is made with chai honey and…

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