Gluten Free Cherry Crisp

Love love love sour cherries – and a cobbler is just the right place to indulge in them. Check out this great blog I follow called A Pug in the Kitchen.


cup of crisp cup of crisp

Crisps or Cobblers or buckles or whatever you want to make are a really simple and delicious way to enjoy summer fruit or berries. I have been wanting to try working with some different flours other than wheat and bought some barley flour. This crisp is so simple and quick to make and I must say the crumble or crisp part is wonderful, I used oats, barley flour, almond flour, butter and organic brown sugar. I bought already pitted and preserved sour cherries, I don’t have a cherry pitter. It took almost no time at all to put this together and I had it for breakfast this morning, don’t judge, think about it, grains, fruit, why not? It would also make a smashing dessert!! I’m also very excited that this is my 300th post!!

Crisp or Crumble

1 stick salted butter softened

1 cup oats (I used…

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4 thoughts on “Gluten Free Cherry Crisp

  1. Looks amazing, I need to go check it out now on her blog! I love that Suzanne used almond flour and oat flour! Those are my two favorite flours and what I use in my crisps too…gives such moisture and chewiness. Yum.

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