Minced Chicken Satay with Chili Coconut Spice Sauce

These look so good and don’t seem too hard to make. Thats a good recipe right there!

Ocean View Kitchen


Sunny days and long evenings make an ideal time to get together with family and friends for a BBQ dinner or relaxing pool party. When the weather is warm and the days are long, nobody feels like going into a lot of trouble, so I am bringing you another delicious and simple dish from my backyard to yours. Chicken skewers are all too often dry and flavorless, but this chill coconut spice sauce ensures this chicken satay is anything but. The Chili Coconut Spice Sauce adds a wonderful favor to the chicken satay. I also used it as a dipping sauce instead of traditional peanut sauce. Don’t  be intimidated by the laundry list of ingredients! Most of this recipe itself calls for throwing everything into a blender and blending away. So the next time you have guests over, why not treat them to some really yummy and easy to make…

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6 thoughts on “Minced Chicken Satay with Chili Coconut Spice Sauce

  1. Oh, this looks yummy; I think I will make the sauce and cook chicken legs or tenders with it.
    Another great recipe, Cindy!

  2. Oh gosh that sauce sounds divine! I just read all of the ingredients and it is basically vegan, minus the fish sauce which I could leave out, but it sounds delicious. Seems like a lot of ingredients for sauce, but I basically have almost all of them, so not too difficult! Looks good!

    • I know – I have had a few comments from people who can’t eat certain foods and this recipe seems to be very adaptable! Thought it looks so lovely too!

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