La Cubana Restaurant Toronto (Roncesvalles)

I had dinner on Wednesday evening with my friend Susan on Roncesvalles (great area in Toronto’s  west end with some fabulous restaurants, stores and buildings). We met up at a new place called La Cubana. It is a casual place with a great patio in the back and a fair amount of seating inside. We sat at the bar because I love to watch the chefs cook and plate the food and we always have good service since the bartender is always around. Tonight was no different.

The restaurant is very new so they are still getting a few things tied down but I would go back in a minute.  Here is what we ate and just a quick FYI – the meal including tax and tip came to $19 each (no drinks we just had water). Not bad!

We shared two dishes and a “BOCADITO” which is an appetizer. For the appetizer we went with the most popular dish which was  TOSTONES RELLENOS, BEEF PICADILLO.


These were fried plantains topped with a marinated ground spiced beef and drizzled with a white sauce, topped with peppers and onions and cilantro. Delicious!!!!

Next dish was a PRESSED CUBANO SANDWICH which was a variety of ham, gouda and a few other items that I just couldn’t write down fast enough.  Great sandwich and served like a panini.


Next up we shared the GUAVA BBQ BEEF SHORT RIB plate.  Yum!  This was a slow braised short rib with purple coleslaw, rice and beans and a TOSTONE (still not sure what it was but it sure tasted good – seemed to be plantain slices fried together maybe).



Great meal for a great price! I can see this becoming a go to hang out. This is a definite recommend!!!

Here is the menu for  the restaurant.












4 thoughts on “La Cubana Restaurant Toronto (Roncesvalles)

  1. Gosh, those are really great prices for all of that food! I love all the yummy jalapeno peppers and cilantro on top, delish. I think jalapenos make everything taste better!

    • I know – I was quite surprised but I think it is because we didn’t drink any alcohol. Just goes to show where the price really jumps in a restaurant.

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