Peach Galette

So Suzannes post last Wednesday really made me crave a peach dessert. I am not a real baker but I decided to make a peach galette for some company that was coming in the afternoon for coffee.

I will be truthful and tell you I used Tenderflake pastry for the crust and sliced up about 8 peaches (skin on). First I rolled the dough out into a semi rounded shape. Then I laid the dough over a round baking tray and put all the peach slices into the centre and folded the dough up and around the edges.  I sprinkled a bit of brown sugar over the peaches (okay so I never said it was low cal ;-). I used some egg whites to wash the top of the pastry and sprinkled some maple sugar over it. Baked it for about 30-40 minutes at 350 degrees (F) till the top was golden browned.

My only issue is that the peaches got quite moist and left the bottom of the pastry a bit soggy.  Curious to know how to avoid this in the future.  Comments welcomed.

Peach Galette


8 thoughts on “Peach Galette

  1. It’s beautiful but a hint regarding sogginess: mix some flour or cornstarch or tapioca starch with the peaches about 3 tbs peaches are very juicy and will make the crust soggy. Some people sprinkle cake or bread crumbs on the bottom of the galette and lay the fruit on that. I just use flour. It looks great and I know it was delicious and thanks for the shout out.

  2. Instead of tender flake pastry you can use puff pastry, in the frozen food aisle. Just roll it out and fold it over like you did here. It rises slightly with the same lovely golden colour.

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