Dinner at Edward Levesque’s (Toronto)

So my associate Peter and I had been working on a job for 7 days an average of 18-20 per day and were completely burned out.  The good news is everything turned out great and the client was very happy and so were we with the final results.  To celebrate I took Peter to dinner at a restaurant in the east end called Edward Levesque’s.  I have been there several times including a great brunch!

Getting there was tough as I found out enroute that the highway I was closed further along the way.  Needless to say it took an hour and a half to get to him so when we arrived at the restaurant, having a drink was the first order of business.

We had the “Tuesday Special” which is a great deal – a glass of wine and hanger steak served over spaghetti squash for $22.  Each week they are offering a new Tuesday special.  I recommend you try it if you are in Toronto.  The service was wonderful. the food delicious and it was the perfect way to unwind after such a crazy week. (Next weeks post will show you the other way I finished part of the week – in Boston for the day!)

We opted to add salad which came with crumbled stilton, toasted cashews, golden beets, apple with a basil honey vinaigrette (delicious!). We also added frites to the meal as I had a hankering for steak/frites.  They were hand cut and served hot and delicious!

Then there was desert (shared of course)….

A lovely brownie – not too sweet (perfect for sharing) topped with a salted caramel ice cream (also not too sweet).  Outstanding!

(Forgive me but the restaurant was dimly lit so the only images that turned out semi readable were the salad and the dessert)

Needless to say we left the restaurant feeling much more relaxed and happy the crazy work week was over.


kale salad





8 thoughts on “Dinner at Edward Levesque’s (Toronto)

    • Thanks Suzanne – It has been a long time since I worked like that on a project but it was totally worth it in the end and the dinner just hit the spot for both of us I think.

  1. Wow! That brownie with the ice cream on top is basically the best dessert ever…I love the combo of a warm brownie with cold ic cream on top. YUM! Sounds like you had such a nice time.

    • The Brownie was the perfect cap off to the evening. It was not too sweet and the ice cream was salted caramel which has to be one of my favourite combo flavours. Thanks Brandi!

  2. I wish you could share the recipe of that brownie! Especially because you noted that it’s delicious and not over-sweet like many brownies! If you will get the recipe let me know please! 😀

  3. Thanks for reminding me about this restaurant, Cindy. Haven’t been there in a few years but all my previous experiences were good ones and it’s nice to know they’re still going strong. Next time will try their brunch!

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