Loaded Pierogi Restaurant – Toronto

My friend and business partner Peter and I decided on a Christmas lunch this year instead of gifts and a big dinner (watching our pennies). We decided to try a new restaurant called Loaded Pierogis on Church street south of Front street.  It was right by the St. Lawrence Market so we popped in there first for some fresh food shopping.

Loaded Pierogis concept is you get a plate of 8 pierogis either steamed or fried with all kinds of toppings. The price is right and they were delicious.  I was so stuffed though from lunch that I didn’t eat dinner that night.  Okay so it is not the healthiest of meals but once in a while it is a real treat!.

Here is a link to BlogTO where I first heard of this restaurant. Check it out for even more information.

FYI – I had the pierogis with bacon, cheese and caramelized onions.  Comes with a dollop of sour cream. (remember – not the healthiest of all meals but a real treat on occasion).




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