The Chart to End All Charts

My friend Peter sent my a link to an article on a blog called Pulptastic.  It’s a great link to making everything in the kitchen (and probably in life) easier. Who doesn’t want that. I started reading it first thing in the morning and thought, “okay thats pretty interesting”. But then I kept scrolling and so much more came into play.

Everything from soup to nuts literally!

It’s a long infographic and feel free to scroll past whatever doesn’t relate to your lifestyle needs but I promise there is something for everyone and it’s all spelled out so simply.

Definitely a keeper in the food files.

Enjoy and let me know which is your favourite section.



7 thoughts on “The Chart to End All Charts

  1. Cindy, this is amazing. Please thank Peter for passing it on. I am going to make a green smoothie right now. Also the avocado advice is fantastic.

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