Cornish Hen for Dinner

Dinner with friends the other night included delicious cornish hens (purchased at the grocery store – not a fancy butcher), baked potato slices and fresh from the garden salad. Oh so good.

The cornish hens were stuffed with lemon and garlic and rubbed with some olive oil and then roasted for about an hour at I think 400 degrees (give or take a bit depending on your stove). Chicken should be 165 degrees I think for doneness. It was so moist it almost melted in your mouth.  The potatoes were just brushed with olive oil and a bit of salt and baked on another rack along side the chicken till golden. (flip them at the 30 minute or half way mark).

Most of the salad was from a friends garden and was simple greens, a bit of coriander, tomatoes, purple cabbage and feta cheese. The dressing was just poured directly over the salad and included about 3 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar, a lug of olive oil, juice of ½ a very ripe lemon and a sprinkle of brown sugar to cut some of the acidity (there was no white sugar which I would normally have used).  Again very fresh tasting.  All in all a perfect summer meal!



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