Salmon, peppers and arugula

I had one of those evenings where I knew I was going to make some salmon but didn’t know what to have with it. I looked through the fridge and didn’t see much so I went for a walk to the green grocer up the street and picked up some peppers and arugula. Couldn’t resist them – they looked so fresh and colourful.

I came home and thinly sliced up an orange pepper along with a leek. I sautéed them till wilted and then threw in a handful of baby arugula to wilt it.  I turned the burner off so the heat that was left in the pan wilted the arugula nicely.

I did a quick maple and dijon glaze for the salmon and put it in the toaster oven for about 12 minutes then placed the fish over the peppers, arugula and leeks, sprinkled some toasted sesame seeds on top and dinner was ready in about 20 minutes.  How easy is that!



I only managed to eat half and shared a small taste with my cat who was quite happy to indulge as well ;-). Now I don’t have to think about lunch tomorrow.


Dinner at Linda’s – Salmon

Just got back from dinner at an old friend Linda where we celebrated the life of a dear friend that passed away 5 years ago.  It is a yearly dinner we have and this time it was pot luck.  Linda made salmon that was just wonderful.  It was fresh, I think organic salmon (?) (bought at St. Lawrence Market in Toronto).

She just brushed some maple syrup over it and thin slices of meyer lemons (a cross between a tangerine and a lemon so a bit sweeter and a bit less tart) along with clips of fresh dill.  Very simple so the flavour of the salmon really came through.  Delicious!

Below are two pictures – one raw  and “all dressed” before going in the oven at 400 degrees for about 45 minutes (large piece of fish) and the other image cooked.

raw salmon

cooked salmon