Leftover Chicken and Quinoa

Once again it is a great feeling to use up things in your fridge without throwing them out.  I had company the other night and BBQ’d vegetables (peppers, onions, mushrooms, asparagus and sweet potatoes) along with chicken breasts.  My favourite thing to do with leftover roasted veg is to make a batch of quinoa and mix it all up together and have that for lunches and dinners – I actually make extra vegetables when grilling so I can make this meal. Kind of my style of comfort food.  Below is that creation.  There is no real recipe except for the following:

Take whatever leftover roasted vegetables you have and chop them up. Put them into a pan of quinoa and liquid and mix it all together (yes that is right – I make my quinoa in a large frying pan as opposed to a pot – for some reason it never sticks to the bottom of the pot this way). Bring to a boil, turn heat down to minimum and cover for 15 minutes. That’s it – To be truthful I don’t usually plate it like this – I just put some in a bowl and hunker down with it.  Pure comfort food!

chicken and quinoa BBQ