Leftovers – Lets Make Pizza!

It’s been just over two years now that I have been blogging and I still love it! Great readers from all over the world who themselves publish great blogs that I enjoy reading.

Many of you know from past blogs that I like to use things up that are in the fridge rather than throwing them away.  This time I had some tofu, some roasted grape tomatoes that I made with balsamic vinegar and olive oil (recipe to follow), some pork tenderloin and a piece of mozzarella cheese.  Something screamed pizza!

I had some whole wheat wraps in the fridge. I spread a bit of marinara sauce over one and added a small amount of the grated cheese. I quickly sautéed some mushrooms and garlic with the chopped up tofu (I know it sounds weird but for those of you that are vegetarian it really works!). I also chopped up the pork tenderloin (I am not a vegetarian) and threw that into the pan to sauté as well.  Once everything was warmed, I spread it over the wrap. I then added some roasted balsamic grape tomatoes and the additional cheese on top. Baked the whole pizza for about 20 minutes till the edges were crisp and there it was – a quick and easy dinner (and lunch the next day!).

Recipe for roasted grape tomatoes follows images…

pizza 2


Roasted balsamic grape tomatoes.

I had a couple of containers of grape tomatoes that were starting to get a bit wrinkled so rather than tossing them in the garbage I sliced them in half and put them in a bowl,  sprinkled a bit of balsamic vinegar and olive oil over them and let them marinate for about 20 minutes. I then drained them and put them on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and roasted them for about 3 hours at 350 degrees F. They make a great addition to salads, pizza, roasted vegetables etc.

Leftover Brisket with Friends

As many of you who read this blog will have figured out by now, I love sharing food with friends.  It is one of my favourite things to do.

This time the sharing took place with my friends and neighbours just a couple of doors over. Zannat (who writes a great blog I follow “food 4 happiness“), made steamed collard greens with garlic – of course anything made with garlic in my books has to be good. I brought over leftover BBQ brisket and sweet potato and cauliflower mash.  The great thing about brisket is, it is always better the next day or even two days after. Below is how I made the potato mash.  See the beef brisket link above for the brisket recipe.


Sweet Potato and Cauliflower Mash – perfect comfort food

1 potato per person

1 handful of cauliflower pieces per person

Boil or steam both the above ingredients till soft enough to mash (you may need to drain them well so mash is not too watery)

Combine both in a bowl and add a spoonful or two of yogurt and a handful of grated old cheddar cheese (yes that is the secret ingredient!)

I use a hand mixer to really blend the ingredients well. Mix till fluffy and there are no lumps.

Serve and enjoy!

Smashed Potatoes with Leeks and Cheddar

Okay so I was a bit bored the other day (especially with what was in my fridge…). I had a few baby red boiled potatoes left over from a food order, a small piece of old cheddar and my lovely neighbour dropped off a huge beautiful leek at my door the other day (don’t ask…).

I remembered my friend Ted’s potato dish from Dinner with Ted and Judy and thought I would try to make something similar.  Well it is not at all the same  but this is very yummy.  First I sautéed the chopped leeks (1 leek white part only), then added two giant cloves of garlic minced (just because I love garlic!).  I then put the cold potatoes (7 small red potatoes) into the pan and “smashed” them with my potato masher. I realized I may not have enough potato so I started to mix the ingredients in the pan a bit and then decided I needed something to bind somewhat so out came my trusty egg whites to the rescue!  I just poured about 1/4 cup over the mixture and then kind of stirred it up a bit so the egg worked it’s way through the mixture.  I grated the tiny bit of cheese I had left over the top and mixed it as best I could. Then I pressed it down into the small frying pan and seared it till one side was browned.

Using a small plate I covered the fry pan and flipped the potato mixture onto the plate and then slid it back into the fry pan to brown the other side (it did break apart a bit but it’s called “smashed” potato mix so who cares if it is a bit messy. Once back in the pan I smoothed out the edged pressing it down again into the pan.  The finished product was delicious!

smashed potato and leek

smashed potato and leek2