A Dinner Fit for a Fancy Restaurant

I’m not going to tell you where I had this superb meal….I want you to guess (okay I’ll tell you at the end of the post). The only hint is that I was dining at the home of my wonderful friends (who cook amazingly – that should give you a hint).

We started the meal with an appetizer that my friend (who shall remain nameless till the end) came up with in the car on her way home. She took meatballs that they made the day before with a rich tomato sauce and put one into a large cremini mushroom cap and topped it with some Jarlsberg cheese (and jalepeno peppers on a couple). Baked them and then served one on a small plate of baby arugula.  Amazing appetizer and not hard to make. I will be doing these at my next dinner party I think.






Next her husband (who shall also remain nameless till the end) prepared pork chops Milanese (egg wash and bread crumbs with parmesan cheese – no flour). He pounded the chops till half the thickness and then seared them and into the oven. The side dish was roasted jerusalem artichokes or sunchokes. Surprisingly you leave the skin on and slice like a potato and wash with a bit of olive oil and a touch of thyme and roast in the oven.


These had such a delicate flavour. They were delicious.

Along with this we had steamed baby bok choy with a little garlic and olive oil and then broth added to steam them. Yum!

The whole meal put together was once again outstanding. My favourite “restaurant” never ceases to amaze me.




Did you guess Ted and Judy’s place?  If you did you would be absolutely correct!


Roasted Beets with Goat Cheese

Here’s another one of these easy recipes that tastes great.

I was grocery shopping today and saw both red and yellow beets and thought – Yum!

I have made this dish before but not for a while and since I had the ingredients (mainly the goat cheese), I decided it was going on tonights menu.


Ingredients – Serves 4

4-6 of any kind of beets you like (red, orange, yellow, zebra – yes it has stripes)

Goat cheese – up to you how much – I sprinkle it on over the warm beets

Pinch of sea salt


Cut off ends and peel beets (I use a peeler that I use for carrots etc.). I cut in quarters but you can make them any size you like. Put in a roasting pan (I line mine with some parchment paper). Drizzle with some olive oil to lightly coat the beets. You may want to keep beets separated in the pan as the red beets tend to give off some red colouring.

Roast at 350 degrees until a fork goes in easily – usually about an hour depending on your oven.

Take out and put in a dish (now you can mix the coloured beets) – add a pinch of sea salt and sprinkle with some goat cheese.  That my friends is the whole recipe!  Very easy and a great side dish. (I served it with some roast chicken and steamed broccoli).